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printed pallet covers

Shrink Wrap Pallet Covers

Shrink Pallet covers are a perfect way to keep your palletised loads secure, clean and weather proof. Available in both plain or printed, clear or tinted, this is a great way to protect your goods as well as, if required, a fantastic way to advertise and promote your companie's name and products.

printed pallet covers

Stretch Hooding Film

With stretch hooding, instead of using hot air, the operation of pallet packing relies on stretching the film "on cold" and putting stretched packaging on your product. For the sake of shorter time needed for packing process and smaller mass of single packaging this method is becoming more and more popular.

polythene tubing and sheeting

Tubing and Sheeting

Tubular film is available in both mono and co-extrusion specifications over widths of 10 inch, guaranteeing high quality standards. Especially suitable for the automatic further processing of free-flowing bulk materials. This type of film can be supplied plain or printed in up to 8 spot colours.

Other Products Available From Our Extensive Range

Machine & Hand Stretch

printed pallet covers

Machine stretch film is supplied on large rolls intended for use with stretch machines & turntables, making this product perfect where high volume and continuous pallet wrapping is required, quickly proving you with a secure pallet or product. Hand Stretch is again supplied on a roll and is a quick and cost effective way of securing your loads. Unlike the machine stretch, no additional equipment is necessary so is perfect for companies with a small amount of palletised loads to be despatched. The hand stretch can also be provided with extended cores for easy hand use

Mailing & Polythene Bags

polythene bags

Polythene mailing bags are a great alternative to traditional paper envelopes for all your mailing needs. From mailing paper literature in a clear lightweight bag that has been heat sealed, to sending out samples to your customers in a more robust coloured bag that has a self-adhesive strip applied at the opening, there are thousands of different specifications that could be applied to this product to suit your needs. Bags are also available in a wide range of colours, thicknesses and sizes and can also be supplied plain or printed with your company details in up to 8 colours for maximum impact.

Flame Retardant Films

polythene wrap

This product is generally used to shrink wrap larger products such as boats and scaffolding. This is done to protect the working area from the elements & other pollutants as well as securing the area from theft or vandalism. Unlike a standard film, this product can be used without the potential risk of small sparks causing damage to the polythene rendering the protective layer redundant. The film is secured into place using a hand shrink gun. Flame retardant films we produce are supplied on rolls up to 12meters wide and are white, it can be produced up to 300mu in thickness & is an M-1 classification grade.

Collation Shrink Films

shrink films

Collation shrink is generally used to collate a product, prior to palletising the bulk of the order such as drinking bottles. This type of film is usually required to have excellent clarity and a high gloss finish, as well as being strong and durable as it is often required that the goods will be displayed for re-sale in this packaging. To facilitate the use of this product, a shrink oven would be required to secure the film to your product, This product can be printed in up to 8 spot colours to suit any marketing requirement.

Form Fill & Seal Films

form fill and seal films

Form Fill & Seal films are designed to run on automatic bagging and filling equipment and have the added advantage of being able to accommodate a full colour process print if required. The film can be produced to be run on either a vertical or horizontal loading fill seal machine and is supplied on a roll. It can be supplied as either single wound sheet or centre fold sheet. This type of packaging is widely used for the farming, industrial and food wrapping industries.

Tapes, Turntables, Shrink Guns

Printed tape is ideal for promoting your company when most of your consignments are small and not requiring additional security of additional products such as hand stretch film. Tape can be supplied in many widths & colours and can be printed in up to 3 spot colours to match any requirement. Turntables are designed to be used with machine stretch and greatly assist when time is of the essence. We supply Express Rafale Black Edition shrink guns, with a 2 year parts & labour warranty, protective case, 8 meters of rubber hose, instruction manual, gloves & heat reflector.

Skin.Lite is a new range of ultra-thin industrial packaging stretch film which ensures perfect packaging for most types of products, high standards of strength, tightness and stability, while also allowing you to achieve significant savings.

Skin.Lite Stretch Film reaches higher levels of puncture resistance allowing for a reduction in packaging thickness, including when wrapping uneven pallets with particularly sharp edges. Although the amount of film used is significantly reduced, the technical characteristics of this product guarantee maximum load stability and protection during handling and transport. Lastly greater resistance to breakage means fewer interruptions during packaging resulting in time savings and greater production efficiency.

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Some of the extras we offer include UVI stabilisers, EVA anti-static, micro/macro perforated, embossed, polypropylene non/low fusion, frost resistant & non/anti slip. For more information on additives mentioned visit the Glossary page.